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My daughters are still young but before my husband and I ever planned to have children, it was important to us that we would raise kids who were grateful.

Grateful for the food on their table.

Grateful for the clothes on their backs.

Grateful for the house over their heads.

Grateful for everything.

Last year, I was actively looking for a place to volunteer with my kids. What I discovered was that many of the food pantries didn’t allow kids or the volunteer opportunities were during the week.

When one of the pastors of our church told me about Hillside Food Outreach, a non-profit organization that helps feed the hungry in New York and Connecticut, my kids could volunteer and it was on the weekends, it was a no-brainer.

Once a month, we go to a warehouse and “shop” for groceries and then deliver them to our clients.

The organization relies on monetary donations to purchase some of the food while some of the grocery stores donate their surplus.

It’s rewarding—and fun—to help others but it has also taught my kids a lot of life lessons that I’m certain will stick with them.

Check out this video for 3 things volunteering to feed the hungry has taught my kids.


My daughters take pride in picking out the groceries and delivering them to those in need. I hope that by teaching them to serve others now, they’ll continue to do so throughout their lives.

Do you volunteer with your kids? What has it taught them? Leave me a comment!

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