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With hundreds of thousands of Americans dying each year from obesity, type-2 diabetes, and a slew of chronic health conditions—all a direct result of food inequities, a broken food culture, and food marketing, and worsened by COVID-19, a significant shift in how we think about food and how we feed our kids must happen now if we want to change the trajectory of health for our kids.

Growing up in the 1980s, convenience food was everything, and I lived on hot dogs, Hamburger Helper, frozen TV dinners, fruit roll-ups and a ton of processed foods.

Unfortunately, not much has changed for our generation of kids.

I’m so excited to announce that my new podcast, “Food Issues,” will launch on February 2, 2021!

When I founded JulieRevelant.com nearly 4 years ago, I wanted to change parents’—and our country’s—perspectives about feeding kids.

In every episode, I’ll interview authors, researchers, healthy food advocates, and thought leaders who want to educate, inspire, and empower organizations, parents, and local communities to create real, lasting change and ensure a healthier future for our kids

Through profound conversations that uncover the real issues affecting families coupled with easy, practical tips for parents, this podcast is the place to change our kids’ futures.

Here are some episodes you can expect:

  • Feeding Kids In 2021
  • COVID-19’s Impact on School Lunch
  • The New Home Kitchen
  • Food Marketing, Advertisers and Kid Influencers
  • How To Cut Down on Food Waste
  • Cooking Through COVID-19


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Julie Revelant teaches parents how to raise children who are healthy, adventurous eaters. Through blog posts and videos, her goal is to shift the conversation from short-term, problem picky eating to lifelong, healthy eating and healthy futures. Julie has written for FoxNews.com, FIRST for Women magazine, WhatToExpect.com, EverydayHealth.com, RD.com, TheBump.com, Care.com, and Babble.com.