I’m so happy that you’re ready to learn the secrets to raise healthy kids who crave healthy foods.

Julie Revelant

As a health journalist, I’ve written hundreds of stories for outlets like Fox News, FIRST for Women and Woman’s World, and

So many of the stories I’ve covered are about people who have lost 100 pounds (or more!), reversed type-2 diabetes and other chronic health conditions, and completely transformed their lives simply by eating healthy, moving more, and creating healthy, lifelong habits. 

Food is medicine, but prevention—and healthy eating must start early.  

After I had my first child, I read The Baby and Toddler Cookbook and I realized one of the most important responsibilities of being a parent is to raise healthy kids: kids who know how to eat healthy and are taught healthy eating habits, because their lives depend on it.

Without these life lessons however, many kids become overweight, face chronic health conditions and turn to food to cope with stress and tough emotions.

If you’re like most parents, picky eating is a real struggle but it’s possible to raise kids who enjoy, even ask for, healthy foods.

The good news? It’s not as hard as you think to raise healthy eating kids. 

Through blogs and videos, I’m excited to share with you science-based, expert insight and easy, real-life strategies I’ve used to raise kids who not only accept, but ask for foods like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and lentils.

I invite you to join me as we raise the next generation of kids to be healthy and happy for years to come! Here are some resources to get you started.


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