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Today is my blog’s one-year anniversary! And just like raising children goes by in the blink of an eye, it feels like yesterday that I clicked “publish” on my first blog post.

Although it’s true that I started this blog to change the way we feed our kids so they won’t grow up to face the same chronic health conditions and diseases that plague the U.S. today, I left a part of the story out.

In 2016, I attended a conference with other entrepreneurs, some of whom I knew from a mastermind group I was a member of.

I had been on the fence for quite awhile about starting this blog, not because I didn’t think it was important to educate and empower parents with the latest research and the strategies that helped me raise healthy eating kids, but because I wasn’t quite sure how I’d get it all done.

With a full-time job (as a journalist and content writer), two young children and everything else life was throwing at me, I honestly didn’t know how I’d get it all done.

After I expressed my concern to a fellow mastermind member, she said [paraphrased],

“This is important and you’re so passionate about it. You have to do this now!”

I rarely need anyone to motivate me but this person was a daredevil in her own right and someone I really respected. Although she wasn’t a parent, she supported me and she didn’t have any reason to. For her, I’m grateful.

So after the New Year, I got started on the blog. I spent weeks on WordPress, designed the site myself, had professional photos taken, created my editorial calendar and started to write.

Just as I was fairly clueless when I became a mom, I planned the blog as best as I could but I dove straight in without much information or guidance.

Ignorance was bliss.

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What It Takes To Write The Blog

For a seasoned writer like myself, writing the blog posts aren’t difficult and are quite fun, but make no mistake: writing and managing a blog takes a lot of time and effort.

Most of the blog post ideas, writing, editing, proofreading, design, overall management of the blog and social media are done at night and on the weekends. It has been a labor of love and there’s been a lot of sacrifice.

On my one-year blog anniversary, my blog is nowhere near where I’d like it to be but I’m grateful that I have been able to use this platform to educate parents and give them the tools they need to nix picky eating and raise kids who are healthy eaters now and into the future—because their lives depend on it.

What Next For My Blog?

The first year writing my blog has been a wild ride. I’ve learned a lot, got my feet wet and I’m so excited to see what the next year will bring.

My goal is to eventually write a book but I’m not sure what shape and form it will take.

Over the next year, what I do know is that you’ll get:

  • More educational, empowering blog posts to help you raise healthy kids who crave healthy food.
  • More video content packed with tips, advice and personal stories.
  • More freebies!

Whether you’ve been reading my blog since the beginning or you just found me, thanks for reading and I hope you’ll stay with me!

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Julie Revelant teaches parents how to raise children who are healthy, adventurous eaters. Through blog posts and videos, her goal is to shift the conversation from short-term, problem picky eating to lifelong, healthy eating and healthy futures. Julie has written for FoxNews.com, FIRST for Women magazine, WhatToExpect.com, EverydayHealth.com, RD.com, TheBump.com, Care.com, and Babble.com.