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37 Kid-Friendly Healthy Apple Recipes

You might have trouble getting your kids to eat their vegetables, but fruit—and apples in particular—are usually a win. According to a 2015 study in the journal Pediatrics, apples accounted for nearly 19% of total fruit intake among children and teens...

15 Healthy Apple Recipes That Aren’t Apple Pie

During the fall season, there’s nothing better than going apple picking with your family, but if you’re like me, once you’re home you’re wondering: what am I going do with all these apples? Apple pie is a no-brainer but most are loaded with added sugars and besides,...

How To Eat Figs

It may be apple and pumpkin season, but this time of year is also a fabulous time to eat figs. Soft or chewy (depending on the variety), and with a hint of sweetness,  fresh and dried figs are superfoods for kids. Yet if you’re wondering why they’re so...

7 Recipes for Halloween

Halloween is weeks away but if you’re like most parents, you’re already thinking about the costumes, the candy, and what trick or treating will look like this year. The good news is that Halloween isn’t canceled. In fact, a recent survey by BSM Media found...
7 Sandwich Ideas For Kids

7 Sandwich Ideas For Kids

Forget basic PB&J and ham and cheese and get a list of healthy and delicious sandwich ideas that are anything but boring.

11 Kids Cooking Recipes

11 Kids Cooking Recipes

These kids cooking recipes are easy, quick, made with real food ingredients and can put an end to picky eating.