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I’ve never been one for roses or jewelry on Valentine’s Day—it’s so cliche! But chocolate? More specifically, a large box of assorted chocolates with a perfect mix of coconut, peanut butter and caramel all wrapped in a heart-shaped box? Yep, that’s more my speed and my husband knows it. When it comes to my kids, call me a bad mom, but I don’t buy them anything. They usually come home from school with plenty of candy from their friends anyway. I know there are plenty of moms however, that do buy candy or like to make homemade Valentine treats.

Whether you want to give your child something extra sweet and special or you’re tasked with bringing something to a party, the great thing about making homemade Valentine treats is that depending on the ingredients, they can be healthier than Sweethearts candies—which by the way, won’t be available this year anyway.

So try one of these recipes for homemade Valentine treats. They’re all quick and easy, and some are gluten-free, nut-free, sesame-free, vegan, and made with so many healthy ingredients, your kids will be none the wiser.


If you’re looking for homemade Valentine treats that are quick and easy, but oh-so-festive, these Valentine Pretzel Hugs are perfect. With three simple ingredients, a sweet and salty combination, and less than 10 minutes to pull together, they’re the perfect snack to pack for a party at school or at home.


Your child will love waking up to these healthy, delicious, and decadent Chocolate Raspberry Heartcakes (pancakes) the morning of Valentine’s Day. Gluten-free, nut-free and vegan, you can also whip them up in no time. The recipe is for a single-serving but you can easily double or triple the batch.


Truffles are the ultimate dessert because they’re portion controlled but still deliver plenty of satisfying goodness. These Cherry Chocolate Walnut Truffles are made with real, whole food ingredients, are a good source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and healthy fats, and are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan.


I love sending chocolate-covered strawberries to my clients at the end of the year as a thank you for their business so when I saw this recipe for Valentine’s Day Chocolate Covered Strawberries I was thrilled.

High in fiber, a good source of  potassium, calcium and magnesium, vitamin C and other antioxidants, strawberries are the ultimate health food.

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With only 3 ingredients, these chocolate covered strawberries are also super-easy to make and are sure to be a hit with every member of the family.


One of the reasons to make homemade valentine treats is because you want to have a healthier option on hand and this Healthy Valentine’s Day Dessert, a parfait, doesn’t disappoint. Made with only angel food cake, yogurt, strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels, it’s the ultimate mix of protein, fiber and sweetness, plus it has lots of different textures. Even better—your kids can make their own.


Most kids love rice krispie treats and these Heart-Shaped Rice Krispie Treats are a bit more special. Dipped in Ghirardelli chocolate and drizzled with red chocolate, they’re some of the best homemade Valentine treats.

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