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It’s hard enough to get your kids to eat their vegetables at dinner but for breakfast?

It sounds downright impossible.

And why should your kids be eating vegetables for breakfast in the first place?

I’ve interviewed several Western medical, functional medicine doctors and naturopaths and one thing is for sure: 10 servings of mostly vegetables and some fruit is what we should all be getting. So why would our kids be any different?

Eating vegetables gives your kids the vitamins and minerals their bodies need to grow. They ward off high cholesterol, high blood pressure and childhood obesity and the risk for diabetes, heart disease and stroke when they’re older. The fiber they contain will fill up their bellies, make them feel satiated and prevent constipation.

Serving up vegetables at breakfast is also one way to nip picky eating in the bud for good. It makes it that much easier to get your kids to eat healthy because they learn that vegetables are part of a healthy plate and not only at dinnertime.

With some creativity, consistency and patience, getting your kids to eat vegetables for breakfast doesn’t have to be a struggle. Here are some things that have worked for me.

1. A buffet
A few weeks ago, I was running low on food and I only had parsnips, radishes and sweet potatoes in the house. Instead of trying to pretend I was on Chopped, I pulled out my Pampered Chef pan, tossed the vegetables and the sweet potatoes together with some olive oil and roasted everything together. I put a buffet-like spread out for my daughters so they could choose what they wanted, added an egg on the side and breakfast was served.

2. Eggs
A frittata, quiche, an omelete or egg muffins are all great ways to start off the day right with vegetables. Eggs are packed with protein and are one of the healthiest foods you can feed babies and big kids alike. Throw in last night’s vegetables or make your dish the night before to save time in the morning.

3. Green juice or smoothie
I don’t think you should sneak in vegetables to get your kids to eat them but making a green smoothie or a green juice can be one way to serve vegetables for breakfast. And because it’s green, your kids are completely aware that there are veggies in their cup.

4. Toast
Who says toast is only good with butter? Pull out the whole grain bread and make a vegetable panini, vegetable grilled cheese or dice vegetables for a delicious morning bruschetta.

5. Veggie “hash”
One of my friends shreds sweet potatoes, but you can use carrots, butternut squash or any type of vegetable. Use a vegetable peeler, grater or food processor, drizzle veggies with a bit of olive oil or coconut oil and cook them in a skillet. Add a protein and breakfast is served.

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