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Whether it’s a gift they asked for or something you knew they’d love, there’s nothing better than the joy of watching kids open their presents.

Along with the toys, electronics and clothes, why not add also buy a present that will make them healthy and happy too?

Here are 5 healthy holiday gifts for kids I’m loving right now, and I’m sure you will too.


1. Kids’ Cooking Classes

I was so excited to interview Katie Kimball, the founder of KitchenStewardship.com earlier this year. Her story is in the current issue of FIRST for Women magazine—go grab a copy!

Katie and I have similar philosophies about feeding kids real, healthy, whole foods and agree that if we want our kids to eat healthy, we need to teach them how to cook.

But what if you don’t know how to cook?

That’s where her Kids Cook Real Food video course for families comes in. The easy-to-follow course teaches kids over 30 basic kitchen skills, builds their self-esteem and confidence and gives you easy recipes you can make at home. $49.95-$495. KidsCookRealFood.com.


2. Kids’ Activities Membership


If you’re always looking for activities to do with your kids, KidPass is your ticket. Once you sign up, search for activities by age, location and category, then book your tickets and go.

With partnerships at several kids’ gyms, playspaces, museums, bowling alleys, dance studios and more in 7 different cities, there’s plenty for your kids to do every month. $49-$189. KidPass.com


3. Kids’ Chef Tools

When my kids were toddlers, they’d pretend to cut vegetables with a kid-sized, dull knife.

They’re still young but now I let them use a real pairing knife because I want them to learn.

Still, every time we cook together I nearly have a heart attack yelling, “watch your fingers!”

With Curious Chef’s 30-Piece Caddy Collection, you can cook with your kids without worrying. The collection has all the basic kitchen tools that cut but are also safe for kids to use. Designed for kids 4+, the caddy includes their very own whisk, knives, measuring cups and spoons and more. They’re also BPA-free and dishwasher safe. $79.99 Curiouschef.com


4. Gardening Set and Wagon


Planting a garden in the spring is one of the best ways to teach kids where healthy food comes from, get them involved with meal planning, and encourage them to eat healthy. It also gets them away from the screens and encourages them to move.

With this 15-piece garden wagon and tool set by Dimple, your kids will love to tag along with you in the garden and get excited about all the fruits and veggies you’ll grow. $19.99. Amazon.com.

5. Yoga Dice

Help your kids find their inner OM and make Yoga a family affair with Uncommon Goods’ Yoga Dice.

Whether you’re an active Yogi or more of a dabbler, you and your kids will have fun discovering the poses and centering yourselves together. $16.95. UncommonGoods.com.


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