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On January 1, everyone sets out with the best intentions to eat right, hit the gym and practice self-care. Even if you made realistic New Year’s resolutions, life happens. Work gets hectic, kids get sick, and your to-do list gets longer every day. Although knowing the “why” for your goals can help you stay the course, there are some of the most popular health apps that can help you create healthy habits, find time in your schedule to make your health a priority, and give you the motivation to stay the course.

Whether you’re looking to make healthier food choices, carve out time to work out, or take control of your health, these most popular health apps are worth a try.


I find that when I log my meals in the Lose It! app, I’m accountable and it’s easier for me to stay on track. The free version allows you to track your calories and exercise and is good enough to set you on a good path. The premium version however, gives you additional features like macronutrient goal setting and tracking, nutrition insight reporting, meal planning, water tracking and more. Free; Premium $3.33 a month.


I’m kind of obsessed with Les Mills, and their BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP and CXWORX programs, in particular. The programs are fast paced, efficient, intense, and so much fun.

If you’re not one for the gym or don’t live near a gym that offers their programs, you can access all of their amazing programs at home with Les Mills On Demand. With 800 workouts and 13 programs including strength, cardio, HIIT, dance, flexibility, and more, and plenty of flexible options that work with your schedule, you can find something that works for you. $9.92 per month and up.


Reading food labels, comparing brands, and trying to make healthy choices amidst all the food marketing can make your head spin. Enter the Fooducate app.

Simply scan the food’s barcode to get a nutrition grade, learn about the product’s pros and cons, and get insights about things like added sugars, trans fat, food dyes, and GMO’s. You can also track your food, macros, sleep, mood and hunger levels, get diet tips and recipes, and access to their community. The app is free but the premium version gives you access to special diets and other features.


With 800 workouts and programs like P90X®, INSANITY®, and 21 Day Fix® Beachbody on Demand has plenty to choose from.

Their workouts are for all fitness levels and can be streamed on any device. When you sign up, you also get nutrition guides, workout calendars, progress trackers, customizable meal plans, recipes, support and accountability from a free coach, expert fitness and nutrition advice, access to a member community, and exclusive content like Fixate®, their healthy and delicious cooking show. $39/quarter; $59 semi-annually; $99 annually. TeamBeachBody.com.


As a mom with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, meditation is something I know I should do more of because it helps me feel calm and more centered. 

When I do make time for it, I use the Headspace app and my kids love it too! The narrator’s voice is easy on the ears and they make it easy to follow. I also like how they have themed, guided meditation sessions for stress, anxiety, sleep, and focus. While the free version has plenty and is a good introduction to meditation, Headspace Plus offers new meditations, sleep sounds and bedtime exercises. Free—$12.99 a month.


I’ve used the Kindara app for years to track my periods and it’s one of the best if you’re TTC, avoiding pregnancy naturally, or trying to understand what your hormones and body are doing. The app allows you to chart all of your data, capture your body’s signals and get access to a supportive community. The premium version gives you access to additional features like unlimited custom data and direct messaging to other users. Free; $4.99/month-$49.99/year.


I wrote a story for FIRST for Women magazine about an amazing woman who conquered chronic, debilitating pain and lost 70 pounds after finding Love Sweat Fitness community, one of the most popular health apps. Love Sweat Fitness (LSF) has customized workout plans for all fitness levels, and allows you to track your food, water intake, measurements, workouts, mood and self-care habits. $8.25 per month and up.


A meditation, sleep and relaxation app, Calm is designed to help you deal with stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. The app features a 10-minute meditation, “The Daily Calm,” 100 “Sleep Stories,” as well as sleep music, meditation lessons, nature sounds, and Calm Masterclasses. Free; Premium $69.99 a month and up.


After I had my first child and my abdominal muscles were weaker than ever, I realized I had diastasis recti, or a separation of the abdominal muscles and a condition that affects more than 50 percent of moms.

The good news is that diastasic recti can be prevented and repaired, but the right exercise program is key. I’ve interviewed personal trainer Leah Keller for several stories about prenatal and postpartum fitness and that’s why I recommend her program, EMbody, by Every Mother, the only fitness method proven to prevent and resolve diastasic recti.

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In addition to feeding my kids healthy food and encouraging healthy habits, I do my best to pay attention to the personal care products we use. Yet as a busy mom, I don’t have the time to research products and find the best ones. That’s where EWG’s Healthy Living app comes in. You can search their database of products or scan items when you’re shopping to get ratings so you can make a safe choice. Free.

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